A typical Sydney removal from Cremorne to Kirribilli

A furniture removal by Dave aka TD

Recap from my fun packed Saturday.

Furniture removal Cremorne to Kirribilli

One paper it all looked like a nice Saturday morning job – mostly boxes as the clients has sold most of the furniture. Great, home before lunch time !

We should have known, there was definitely more than just boxes at the 3 bedroom house with full lounge, dining room and garage. It was not going to fit on our medium truck; but hey, we are always up for a challenge.

I kept the load tight and secure all the way to the back doors keeping a space for the four seater lounge. It was close, oh so very close, but the lounge just missed out by a fraction on standing up in the truck; I then knew for sure we were coming back for a second trip. We kept loading and emptied out most the house and half the garage before we agreed to come back for the rest.

A great apartment in Kirribilli, across the Road from Milson Point station. A very convenient location, but some very busy cafes and shops right next to the entrance to the unit. We had to navigate lots of little old ladies and dogs and people in deep phone conversations to get to the 29 internal stairs.

The apartment was quite spacious, but the stairs well at the bottom had a 90 degree turn at the bottom with no height or space to get lounge up, so I was glad i had left it behind on this first trip. Also, the client was talking about replacing it. This lounge was about 20 years old and not in great shape, so fingers crossed.

A substantial amount was destined for the underground store room associated with the apartment. Unfortunately access was tight as the other Tennant, some small business called Woolworths, had stored stuff in the corridor and had included a cardboard compactor and rubbish as an extra obstacle to negotiate.

After emptying the first load around 2:00. we headed back over to Cremorne to pick up the remaining items plus some more stuff the client had packed up and decided to take including bikes, paintings, shelves and some more bits and pieces in Suitcases.

Would have been another 10 cubic meters on second load but it went in the truck very quickly. Got back to Kirribilli about 3.15pm and put stuff where we could. Ian, the customer, had been assembling beds and stuff so most of boxes stayed in the living area. We had to attempt the Australian Ninja obstacle course to the store room again with the shelving unit and had to restack the small storeroom to fit the shelves and everything else.

Finished up the paper work and headed for Brookvale, just hit the end of the bridge-up as we came down the spit – I did not particularly want to sit there watch the sailing boats navigating through the spit. We pulled in the yard bang on time at 16:45. So much for my lunchtime finish, but a most satisfying day. More to the point our clients Mel and Ian were both really happy with the job and thanked us. They did mention they would be happily recommending us to their friends. Always nice.

Fun packed Saturday..