Jenny D

Hi Bob,

Well once again the boys from Man and His Van, did an outstanding job on Tuesday May 24th, 2011. This time Rhyss and Luke and I were blessed with clear blue skies and sunshine until the move was complete and then it rained. Unlike last time when Ian and Nick cheerfully worked through torrential rain all day, soaked to the skin and yet somehow my furniture remained dry! Magic.

The Removalist business is one of those things that quietly goes on in the background, something we don’t think about until it’s time to move home or office and then it becomes the most important factor in life for that time frame. Choosing a good, reliable, professional Removalist company is critical. When I moved after selling my home 6 months ago, my solicitor highly recommended you after she had called you to help her move offices and also her home. That was all I needed to make my decision, after being flooded by leaflets and pamphlets in my letterbox, word of mouth recommendation is so important. I have told everyone about how great your company is, friendly, efficient, professional, honest, prompt and really lovely people (who all seem to be from Birmingham, Cornwell or Wales it seems).

Whatever system you are using, keep it up because it really works and your staff seem to be happy and feel valued and therefore do a great job. Please pass on my Appreciation and Gratitude to Rhyss and Luke and say ‘hello’ to Ian and Nick, I hope they always enjoy fine weather on moving days after a lifetime worth of rain that day last December. I’m not sure how long I will be staying at this location, it might only be 6-9 months (ugh!), so I will definitely be calling you again if/when next I move home.

In Truth & Light and much Gratitude
Jenny D___

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