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Man and His Van have just acquired a free standing building at 65 Old Pittwater Road Brookvale. The cunning plan is to make this our new Northern Beaches headquarters. The building is well positioned and will give the company great exposure from passing Warringah Mall and general Brookvale traffic. We are however faced with a slight complication: the building is in a right state of disrepair. Take a look at a few of these photos. What have we done?

Store Brookvale


New Office

Occasionally I will do something totally out of left field and buying this property is certainly one of those.

Starting Monday morning, two of our more handy removalists will get to work. Day one will be a gardening day: trimming back the vegetation and getting rid of years of fallen leaves. Clearing leaves from the drains will be a priority as we can then test the drains and attempt to create a drainage diagram.

As much as I love trees, those trees along the front will have to go. The roots are pushing out the bricks and one wall is close to collapse. Plateau Tree Services, a Northern Beaches tree removal company have been booked to remove the trees; or so I thought: apparently Energy Australia is responsible for removing the branches above the wires so a separate quote is needed from them.
But at least council allows owners to remove the trees. Warringah council have a most sensible law allowing removal of all trees within three meters of a structure.

After the gardening, our handy Man and his Van removalists will turn their attention to demolishing all those silly out buildings. I can see us being a frequent visitor to Kimbriki tip as we try our hand at rubbish removals. Clearing the out buildings will give us access to ample truck parking in the yard which will, no doubt, please our current neighbours here at 91-93 Old Pittwater Road Brookvale. It has been very difficult for the Man and His Van trucks since Warringah council ranges had a blitz on truck parking in Old Pittwater Road.

Neil, the structural engineer has been booked for Tuesday. He will do a full structural survey and let us know what will be involved in stabilizing the building. Obviously there is no point renovating a building if it is not fundamentally sound. We are expecting any initial building works to involve underpinning, re pointing and new beams all for the purpose of creating a solid platform from which to advance.

We will also meet up it a registered building certifier next week. Hopefully they will be able to guide us through the various stages of development

Once the Man and His Van men have gutted the building and removed the out buildings we bring in a surveyor to determine levels and instruct them to create a detailed ground and building plan. We will then be in a position to hand the project to our architect.

This will be an interesting project. It will either end up being a tasteful and trendy new store for the Northern Beaches, or right eyesore. We plan to make it the former.

Michael Cummins

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Michael Cummins is the owner and principle at Man & His Van in Sydney. Mike has a broad expertise in relation to the removals business with over 20 years experience running one of Sydney's most successful removals companies -- Man and His Van is a strong brand that is much recognised for it's professional clean-cut working-class-man image.
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