Moving to Manly – A Local’s Welcome Guide

If you have made the decision to move in to the Manly Council area of Sydney you have a lot to look forward to. Fine local beaches, easy-going friendly locals and ample opportunity for you and your family to engage with the active local community.

In this guide we’ve put together a collection of simple local resources and information to assist you with your transition and start you off on the right track – with a bit of useful local knowledge.

About the Manly Local Area – Local Geography

Manly Council area zone is one of three local council zones on the Northern Beaches  – the others are Warringah (famous for our current PM Tony Abbott!) and Pittwater). The greater Manly area includes the suburbs of Manly, North Manly, Balgowlah, Seaforth, Clontarf, Fairlight and Balgowlah Heights.

About the Manly Local Area – Local Residents

According to a recent census there are just on 40,000 residents in the Manly Council area. WIth a median age of 37 years old there is a fairly even split between families and younger singles living in the area. Closer to the centre of Manly there are more rental properties & young single professionals renting and the accompanying nightlife you’d expect. As you extend out to the periphery of Manly, and the leafy surrounding suburbs of Balgowlah and Clontarf, you will find more young and established families living in family homes.

Manly Property Prices – Renting & Buying

Manly is an increasingly affluent area with average incomes well above national averages. This is reflected in local property prices which in recent years have out-performed the rest of Sydney often posting close to the highest percentage gains for any suburbs. For the suburb of Manly itself the latest figures on have the average rental property at $1150 per week and the average house purchase price at $1,550,000. You can expect to pay about $800 a week for a 2 bedroom rental in Manly, $1200 for a 3 bedroom and $1600 for a 4 bedroom. Buying expect to pay on average $1 milion for a 2 bedroom, $1.4 million for a 3 bedroom and $2 million for a 4 bedroom home. There are slightly more affordable opportunities in the surrounding Manly Council suburbs where space is at slightly less of a premium – and access to the beach a 5 minute drive instead of a 5 minute walk! Certainly the premium prices that Manly attracts are a reflection of how attractive and rare such a stunning beach location is in Sydney!

For more property information and stats check out:

Getting Around Manly – Transport

Getting to Work from Manly

If you are fortunate enough to work in Manly, on the Northern Beaches or from a home office then you may find driving, walking or cycling to work suits you.

If however, you are working in other parts of Sydney city or the Sydney CBD then the best option is generally to take public transport to work – there is a bottle-neck every morning and evening at ‘The Spit’ which means the usual 30-40 minute drive to the city can add an hour to taking the trip at these times – be warned and try to keep the car off the road at these times.

Good options then for getting to work in the city are to take the ferry or a bus. The ferry takes just on 30 minutes on the large older style ferries and about 15-20 minutes on the alternative fast ferry services. At $5-$7 per trip it works out a quick, pleasant and relaxing and relatively eco-friendly way to commute. Buses to the city are also quick – they have their own lane so you can get from Warringah Mall to Wynyard in about 20 minutes even during rush hour. Unfortunately the Northern Beaches are one of the only areas in Sydney to not have a train option!

Getting around the Northern Beaches

On the Northern Beaches itself there is usually little traffic and so a car is handy for grocery shopping, dining out and taking the kids to school. You can also get 3 hours free parking in any Manly Council Car Park if you want to shop, run errands, meet friends, exercise or take in a movie or a walk in Manly itself. Ensure you get a resident parking permit (available with proof of residence at Manly Council Offices on the top of The Corso) if you are living in Manly as on-street parking is in somewhat short supply and both metered and closely policed – the heavy number of tourist visitors makes this necessary.

Shopping in and Around Manly – Getting the Groceries and More!

There are a good selection of smaller style shops and delis where small goods can be had in the side streets around Manly. And two Coles supermarkets.

Many though find that for large household shopping Warringah Mall, with its larger versions of Coles and Woolworths and many other shops, is handy. You can also visit Stocklands Balgowlah which is slightly more ‘upmarket’ and includes a great local deli/ fruit and vegetable shop, butcher, fresh fish shop and other gourmet’s delights. Both Malls offer 2-3 hours free parking which is convenient.

Restaurants and Takeaways in Manly

There are about 100 restaurants in and around Manly and 100s more on the Northern Beaches – you will be certainly spoilt for choice. Take a look at this handy guide to see some options and reviews:

Home delivery of Take away food is also in ample supply and Menulog is a good place to start if you are in a hurry for a home delivery.

Manly – Having Fun – What To Do

Beaches – Manly Beach is one of Australia’s most famous and has been a destination for day trips for day trips since Victorian times. To this day it is a beautiful place to swim, surf, sunbathe and relax with friends and family. Beyond the main beach there are a further 17 ocean beaches, coves and inlets used for swimming, surfing, sailing and all manner of water related sports. The locals are an active bunch and you will be sure to find a club to join in with regular activities should you wish – join a swim club, surf club, kayak group, or even a whale-watching photographer’s group!

The Man and His Van Removals team wish you a safer and enjoyable move in to the Manly area. If you require help with your move from Sydney, interstate or overseas please contact us on  Call: 02-99073300 or via email here. We also have 4 storage facilities local to Manly and can help you with keeping your stuff stored safe for as long as you require.


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