Man and, with, and without, a Van

The Man and Van brand

Man and His Van, Man and a Van or even 10 men and their campervan. Confused? Well, you are not Robinson Crusoe; there is wide spread confusion in the market place regarding the Man and Van brand.

The situation is further exasperated by people assuming that the granting of a “business name” gives them any rights over that name when a similar trade mark in in existence

Man and His Van™ was established in Fairlight Sydney in January 1993 by Michael and Susan Cummins. The company is a Sydney based furniture removalist which has built a reputation for professionalism and reliability over the last 25 years. In addition, Man and His Van own and operate numerous storage depots in the North of Sydney and run a retail outlet for boxes and packing materials. The distinctive Man and His Van Logo, which contained the words “Man and His Van” was then formally trademarked in March 1993. The Logo is Trade Mark number 599312.

The company Man and His Van grew quite rapidly between 1993 and 1998 and it was recommended that the words “Man and His Van” be formally Trade Marked in addition to the Logo, the Trade Mark for the words “Man and His Van” was lodged on 24 January 1997 and this is Trade Mark Number 726439.

Today, Man and His Van has consolidated its removals business to 6 to 7 trucks servicing the Sydney area. In addition we have a weekly run from Sydney to Melbourne. We find this to be the optimum number of trucks for the company to run efficiently, and more to the point, to keep the quality. Any further expansion will be in the areas of storage and retail boxes and packing materials. The company is currently renovating a high exposure industrial building in Brookvale. This will finally give some street exposure both promoting the brand and giving a boost to the storage and box shop side of the business. The new building will also have a council approved truck washing station which means the company will, once again, always have clean trucks.
Man and His Van: we have the experience.


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