Goings on in Tottenham Street

tottenham_oldThe roaring Manly Real Estate Market is epitomized by a little Street in North Balgowlah. Two recent sales have made this street a talking point over many Manly dinner parties; number sixteen and number one have just sold for prices well in excess of two million dollars. This begs the question: what the hell is going on in Tottenham Street?

Number 16 Tottenham Street was purchased in 2006 for $770,000; it has just sold for $2,375,000. A capital gain of over 300%. Alright, I agree, the sellers put in a lot of work and expense into the property, and it may have won some award for the most beautiful room; but still, the fact remains it is only a little house in North Balgowlah, on a piddley block of land that does not have a view.

tottenham_newEach to his own, but I would have no problem paying such an amount for a solid double brick home on a 1,200 sq m block having sweeping views towards Manly and the ocean. The other houses in the street would have to be of a similar standard too. Families in North Balgowlah do not want “easy care” gardens, they want sweeping, cricket-friendly back yards, trees for the kids to climb and room for the dogs.

The photographs show the transformation of the property. Apparently the new design is called “Hamptons Style” it is open plan, light and airy, casual looking but, I reluctantly agree, still stylish. Tasteful features such as fireplaces, ceiling fans and top end appliances are the finishing touch

To me, this has the effect of making the other houses in the street look rather sad. But saying that, in about five years time, when the paintwork is starting to peel and the internal wall paper has had a few knocks I feel that this house be a better fit for the street. Hopefully the new buyer will be happy in the new house because the chances of making profit on this one are rather slim.

Hopefully I have not jeopardized all future work for Man and His Van in Tottenham Street – it is a good street in a great suburb. North Balgowlah has a real community feel, this is enhanced by features such as a picturesque golf course, a tennis centre, sporting fields and walking access to Manly Dam.

Man and His Van originated in the Manly area and the company has a lot of local knowledge. We will be happy to discuss your removals needs in the Manly and Northern beaches of Sydney.

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