Furniture Removals in the Rain

shutterstock_142656226The Removalist is arriving soon and guess what? It is pouring with rain.

What do you do ?

If you so desire, Man and His Van are fully prepared to work in the pouring rain. However, we cannot possibly keep everything dry, particularly when working in some of the Sydney downpours. Obviously we will take every means practicable to keep items dry but unfortunately you will have to accept that some items will get wet. It simply cannot be helped.

If it is raining hard we would be happy to postpone the job. We can reschedule the removalists for another moving day and transfer the booking deposit. There are many occasions though when the removal has be done on the rainy day. For example, when the house sale is settling that morning and the new people are due to moving in. In such a situation we can both take precautions to help try and prevent water damage.

Such precautions would include wrapping all upholstery in plastic covers. Beds, lounges, chairs, cushions can all be wrapped in large purpose fitting plastic bags. Man and His Van sell a range of heavy duty plastic covers each designed to fit the appropriate item.

Click on for the Man and His Van packing store.

Do not worry when the furniture is actually in the Man and His Van truck as all our trucks are fully watertight. We take great pride in our vehicles and work hard to keep our trucks at a high standard.

When raining hard we are obviously thinking about your possessions but we must also be aware of safety for our removalists. Pathways can often be slippery in the wet so we must be extra cautious with our footing. There might even be some large items which are simply too dangerous to load with a slippery driveway.

Protecting the carpets is an important consideration. Please make sure you have runners on the carpets, particularly if there is a new carpet in the new home. We do not want to be the ones to put the first mark on the new carpet. Because of safety regulations we are not permitted to remove our shoes. We will wipe our feet and make every effort but it is your responsibility to put down runners or sheets on the carpets.

Furniture removals in the rain is unpleasant, but by both parties taking the right precautions we can minimise the effects of the rain and still successfully move you into your new home.


Man and His Van


Article written after a Saturday Sydney move done in torrential rain. The move was on the Northern Beaches of Sydney with bad access and yes, the customer had new carpets- which incidentally were still new after the removal.