Furniture removalists in Sydney for 2019

Man and His Van are now back to normal working. We wish you a happy and prosperous year for 2019

2019 will certainly be an interesting year for Sydney removalists and all involved with Sydney real estate. There is no doubt that the housing market has slowed significantly- take note those with their “Hamptons Style” homes in North Balgowlah, on under 600 meters of land, that recently sold for over three million

On the whole, last year was rather patchy, that is until December when the removals side of things went very busy. We were glad when the holidays finally came around as everyone needed the rest. Furniture removals at Man and His Van are currently busy due to the overflow from Christmas: so the question is how busy will it be for the run up to Easter 2019.

Fortunately Easter is a bit later this year, this will give plenty of time to sell Sydney properties and to try and get completion before Easter. “Decluttering” calls have started already where clients have been advised by the interior designer to get rid of all their clutter ( I was going to say “crap” but thought better of it) before putting the house on the market. These goods can be moved into Man and His Van storage and then returned once the home sells or even when moving into the new home. So, we all agree the Sydney market has slowed down and even on the Sydney Northern Beaches we are seeing properties taking much longer to sell, though pockets, such as Manly on the Northern Beaches look so resilient.

Manly Property

As a case study we have 2-8 Darley Road Manly. Manly is such a desirable area due to the lifestyle and close proximity via ferry to the City. This 2 bed unit, nice block, no views but a great location, sold in December for $1,625,000. The same unit sold in 2015 for $1,315,000 so we have seen a capital gain of almost 25 per cent over 3 years – and that is during a property downturn

Yes, 2019 will be challenging, particularly with two elections scheduled ie both NSW state and federal. However, pockets of resistance are certainly in evidence over Sydney, and in conjunction with a strong rental market and commercial relocations Man and His Van will be well occupied for the year ahead.

Man and His Van have limited room for January bookings but we still have room for furniture removals work in February.