Another Happy Customer for a Manly Removal

The Removals job : Two bedroom apartment, Manly to Kennards Self Storage in Brookvale.

  • Moving Date: October 24th 2014
  • Client: Alica
  • Time Taken: 4 hours
  • Location: Manly
  • Moving Truck: Mitsubishi Canter
  • Weather: ALL four seasons in four hours. Cold rain clearing to a hot and humid day.
  • Removalist 1: Dan the man, often found in the van. Has been with Man and His Van for 6 years whilst prudently studying a Finance degree. A combination of inimitable intelligence and ravishing good looks makes Dan [Editor-in his opinion anyway.] the number one removalist at Man and his Van. Big surfer and all round sport lover.
  • Removalist 2: Joe. On the surface Joe is a charming, careful and delightful young man; but fortunately for us, Joe suffers from hysterical strength syndrome. This rare condition allows Joe to be stronger, tougher, more durable, and more physically powerful than humanly possible. It has been said that the origin of Joe’s strength lies within Welsh mythology. Apparently Joe is the reincarnation Arawn, king of the otherworld.  Joe also enjoys fishing.

We arrived in rain jackets at 6.55 on a wet, cold and miserable Manly morning. Fortunately we were greeted with fantastic access and more to the point by warm, charming clients. The lovely Alica and her partner were moving home to Argentina for a year and needed all their processions moved and stored safely away in storage.


Walking into the fourth floor apartment we where instantly shocked at how organised and well prepared Alica was; washing machine cables inside the washing machine, fridge drip tray empty and clean, all beds dismantled and neatly put to one side……….. Unbelievable I know! In any removal packing and organization is so important. Moving time (and cost) can be significantly reduced if all is packed and ready to go when we arrive.

Being so prepared led to a stress free and enjoyable move for everyone.
We succeeded in fitting everything in the single lift without slowing down morning commuters. The next door neighbours were playing some classic sound tracks including the Magical Mystery Tour by the Beatles, followed by Sticky Fingers by the Rolling Stones. God was enjoying the high calibre tunes, showing his appreciation by parting the clouds and letting that spring sunshine in.

Most Exercise That Bike Has Seen

Alica was concerned that the Kennards storage bay organized was not large enough – she also needed to fit a medium sized car inside in a few days time. She then informed us that half the bay was already full. Obviously for any other removalist this would have posed a significant problem. But, not for the first time, Alica underestimated the #1 movers on the Northern Beaches.

Brookvale Storage Bay Cleanup

Alica was shocked when she inspected our work. She could not work out how there was now more space than before. I tried explaining that, “ I am the Walrus”, but I don’t think she was much of a Beatles fan. Also I explained that one year is quite a long time for furniture to be sitting there, so we have to stack the furniture properly. The last thing she would need on her return would be a compression dent in the sofa from a chair sitting on the arm for a year or so.

As usual the job went very smoothly and efficiently. Alica was quoted 5 hours and we smashed out a very professional 4 hours. Alica was so happy with the job she gave us a $50 tip J.

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